A Weird and Wonderful Year

Its odd I should be doing a year round up / overview in November but there is a reason and I suppose it was the start of a new era for me. I will probably remember this period of time for a reason that was devastating to me at the time and it still being honest still pops up ever now and again, even though I don’t want it to anymore. Continue reading


Ministry time @ soul survivor!

Hey all,

Just a little update about my last day at soul survivor 2012.

In the main meeting this morning we had the usual worship, talk and ministry time. Slight difference today tho, mike p asked all the youth leaders to stand up and be prayed for which is awesome but I was like Kool and let’s see what happens. Continue reading

Christian and Secular Music

Another random idea from me!

Secular music and Christian music!

Been thinking about this subject this week about how Christian music is so alien and different from ever type of music in the world! It’s sometimes comes abit samey! Me and a few worship leaders make jokes sometimes about how if you learn to play 4 chords you can basically play all Christian worship songs. Continue reading

Soul Survivor Week C 2012

Hey all,

Just a quick update on what is going to happen in the next week or so for me and the young people at the church.

We are attending Soul Survivor week C this year and are staying in Red 5 i believe but who knows what actually will happen when we get there. Am hoping that this is where all the other people from essex is staying! that would be fun! Now theres been a few issues in the build up to this soul survivor, mainly because I’ve been unsure about what leaders are attending but I’m happy to say everything is sorted and i cant wait to actually get there and just enjoy it.

It seems for a youth worker that the build up is more stressful than the actually event. we for me it does anyways. Continue reading

Life Changing Couple of Weeks! Youthwork Summit and Youthwork Conference

Hey all,

I had an interesting few weeks personal and spiritually. Starting off I we tot the youth work summit in Manchester. Then I have some personal news that has changed my life. Then I’ve been to the you work conference. Whilst these don’t seem major events, they have become events that will shape my life and future whilst also effecting my youth ministry.


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#ywc2011 Big Room – Yes to justice – Scott Todd

So hello there again and we are ready and all sitting in place for this session day to blog for you so you read along at home. We got the coffee, the sweets and our laptop, iPads etc. going to be fun. Ad along if you would like!!


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#ywc2011 big room 3 – Yes to eternity

Morning everyone, welcome to the big session 3 – yes to eternity. I think this session is going to be great fun and the atmosphere is building plus people r streaming in very late. Lots of empty seats. Think to many people went and had a few to many sherbet last night!!

And they have started!! Everyone bit tired and half asleep!!

If you are at the Youthwork conference you can get the street bible 10 for £20 but they am a blender on the stage and said 20 for £20!!! If that’s the actually offer, Deal!!!!!!

We re now going t start worshipping this morning and it’s going to be about folkie!!

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#ywc2011 Big Session 2 – Yes to Adventure – Scott Todd

We are all here for the big session 2night and there are 3 of us are trying to blog live ish!!!

Hahahahaha this session is going to be fun. All the bloggers and guys tweeting are having fun n games. There is a massive atmosphere 2night and it’s buzzing big time it’s a d night for fun!
We are going to have a spanking good time 2night at the youth work conference. Can’t wait!!!!!

It’s a.l kicked off at the youth work conference. They want to start off by taking a photo of us and we were standing up for a rear photo and waving. Fun times!!! I’m sexy and I no the presenter is singing on the state because it stuck in his head. Hahahahaha gutted!!

They’d re giving stuff away on stage and someone just a free copy of the new Jesus culture album. Lucky them!!!!

Giving away more free stuff tickets to the bug church day out! Picking seats at Random there was 3 seats picked for these people. Lucky them!!!

It’s now time for the iPad giveaway!!!!!!! Exciting times for people, we are all in with a chance and we could win it. Fun fun fun

Apparently we are not Christian about apple products. Hahaha and the winner is Sally bester! Lucky lucky girl!!

How cure a film made by her young people and are giving her an award in the youth work conference stage. The film is rear fun but is out of sync with picture and sound. Shame. She’s know coming to the stage and apparently youth work conference wrote to all of our churches to find out stuff about us. Fun. Well done lizzie!!! She’s only just gone and won a holiday. Nice!!!!!

W are now just going into worship time and we will pick up the blogging after the worship has finished!!!

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#ywc2011 @youthworkconf Mentoring Stream Session 2

So here I am again for the 2nd part of the mentoring session stream at the youth work conference. Updates will be following and you can read the previous session on my blog before.

Just about to start the 2nd session. The first session was really good!!

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